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This is just a bunch of Software utilities I wrote quite some time ago. They are intended to work with Calmira, the best shell replacement ever made for Windows 3.x giving it the look and feel of Windows 95/98/Me or even XP.


btmstart - This intends to be a 4dos replacement of the start.bat program used with Calmira II. Why use a btm script instead of a batch one? Btm is faster and more powerful. When 4dos is loaded, btm files are executed first, so you
can put start.btm on the calmira directory without having to delete start.bat.

btmutils - a collection of 4dos/calmira utilities including a Windows logo changer, a system info util, a tray organizer and a backup tool for Calmira. Supplied with an example RLE image for the logo changer.

Calmira Script Editor - an editor to create Calmira Scripts made in Visual Basic. Needs VBRun300.DLL library. All main Calmira script command are in the menus for convenience. Similar to Batch files but for Windows, scripts can be useful in a variety of situations.

Example scripts - example calmira scripts with tips on how to use them. Can be edited and changed with Calmira Script Editor.


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